Operational, Management and Research Staff

Dr. Carlton D. Donald

PHIGENIX Founder & President/CEO

Dr. Donald is a molecular biologist and clinical research scientist with over 20 years of experience in cancer research.  To date, Dr. Donald has approximately 100 patents, pending patents, and applications in the area of oncology, and has authored a number of ground-breaking articles on cancer initiation and progression as well as tumor immunity.  Dr. Donald continues to provide his scientific expertise in the research and development of Phigenix's diagnostics and therapeutics.


PHIGENIX Board of Directors

Mrs. Wennifer H. Donald, Vice-president and COO, Director:  Mrs. Donald has over 20 years of experience in business management. She has served as an corporate executive at the national headquarters of a Fortune 500 financial institution in Atlanta, Georgia.  In addition, she has also served as lead operations manager for a multi-million dollar firm located in Atlanta, Georgia.


Dr. Richard Roy, Director, Lead Medical Advisor:  Dr. Roy is a Board Certified Urologist and clinical scientist.  He currently operates a urological practice in Columbus, OH, which consists of 30 urologists and a pathology diagnostic laboratory for urological cancers.


Mr. Robert Knowles, Director:  Mr. Knowles has served as a top executive for Exxon Mobile and BellSouth.  He’s also worked with the Georgia Department of Commerce and is an entrepreneur.  


Mr. Michael C. Shores, Director: Mr. Shores is currently an Entrepreneur in Residence for Quark Ventures. He is a leader in product realization, having assisted top tier Fortune 500 companies think through, target and realize their competitive advantage through product development.  Mr. Shores has extensive in-country experience in both China and India.


PHIGENIX Research and Development

Dr. J. Page Brown, Head of Research and Development: Dr. Brown is a pharmaceutical veteran with substantial experience in product development and project management including serving as a lead scientist and biochemist for Procter and Gamble.


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