USPTO Director Andrei Iancu Lauds Risk Takers, Calls Patent Troll Narrative ‘Orwellian doublespeak’

In his speech at the Eastern District of Texas Bar Association, the Director stated, “Remarkably, in what I believe amounts to Orwellian “doublespeak," those who’ve been advancing the patent troll narrative argue that they do so because they are actually pro-innovation. That by their highlighting, relentlessly, the dangers in the patent system, they actually encourage innovation. Right!”

 He we further to say, “Repeatedly telling “patent troll” stories is indeed odd, especially when they’re being told to the people who have been responsible for the greatest advances in human history.  The narrative must change. And, at least as far as the USPTO is concerned, it has now changed.  We are now focusing on the brilliance of inventors, the excitement of invention, and the incredible benefits they bring to all Americans and to the world.” His entire speech can be read here.