New Study Confirms Phigenix Founder’s Groundbreaking Discovery of the MEK/ERK/STAT3/PAX2 Apoptotic Pathway in Cancer

In line with the work of Dr. Carlton D. Donald, which demonstrated that drug inactivation of the AGTR1/MEK/ERK/STAT3/PAX2 pathway resulted in a sharp decrease of cell viability of prostate cancer cells, a newly published study by Zhang et al. (2019) observed a similar decrease in the protein expression of AGTR1, p-MEK1/2, p-ERK1/2, p-STAT3, PAX2 and p-PAX2.  The study concluded that utilizing drug compounds that inhibit the STAT3/PAX2 signaling pathway may be leading candidates in developing preventive agents for the treatment of prostate cancer. Phigenix is currently developing novel compounds that inhibit PAX2 expression and activity for the treatment of prostate and breast cancer.